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Spine & Pain Management in Anderson, Easley, Greenville, Upstate SC

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  Our dedicated  health care team offers you:

A personalized approach

You will receive a comprehensive examination and learn about your condition. You will be seen by a fellowship trained and board certified specialist  MD at every single visit. WE A

Appropriate diagnostic tests

We order tests that are right for you. We spend your health care dollar is the most cost effective way. Our most important study will be MRI. You have the right to learn what tests we order. You can also learn about anticipated treatment plan based on positive or negative result of a test. All tests are done by out side facilities, not owned by us.  Random urine screen is done in-house to ensure chain-of-custody.

Individualized therapeutic interventions

No "cookie cutter" medicine here. Our therapeutic approach will treat your unique complaint and needs. We have a full range of options that can help you, from therapies to procedures.

Conservative approach to care

We match the treatment to the condition. We treat the current pain condition, and we address the factors that led to the problem. We avoid surgery, and unnecessary procedures.

Quality care, Closer to home!

We have 3 offices, serving Upstate South Carolina

Our goal is...

"To restore quality of life, to increase function, and to regain wholeness for patients suffering from pain."



W e are committed to help our patients manage their pain with a variety of medications and treatments. Our team focuses on management of all types of pain, studying what may cause it, how the body reacts to it, how different medications dull or eliminate the pain and what treatments can be used to relieve pain. If your pain persists after the healing process should be over, you might have what is called chronic pain. If the current treatment you are receiving stops working or your pain begins to get worse over time, your primary care doctors my suggest that you see a pain treatment specialist.