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Spine & Pain Management in Anderson, Easley, Greenville, Upstate SC

2012 © All rights reserved. Terms of use | Privacy policy Welcome to Life without Pain! Diseases we treat:

Herniated Disc


Degenerative Disc

Facet Disease

Pinched Nerve

Radiating pain in arm, leg

Cervicogenic Headpain

Trigemminal Neuralgia

 Occcipital Neuralgia

Pain due to arthritis, OA, RA


Whiplash Injury

Pain after accidents and  Injuries

Chronic pain after bone and

  Joint surgery

We  treat  pain arising from spine, bone, muscle and nerve. There are physical, psychological and social factors involved with managing chronic pain. To address all of these concerns, we work with a comprehensive team of physicians, physical therapists, and psychologists.If you haven’t found success in managing your chronic pain, please consider calling us:

373-PAIN (7246) or  email us.

Patients in our program typically have exhausted all curative treatments and need to concentrate on rehabilitation including reconditioning, regaining lost function, and learning to manage a chronic condition. Patients who are disabled or distressed by their symptoms are appropriate candidates for our program, whether the pain is due to dysfunction or damage of nerves (neuropathic), of muscles or soft tissue (myofascial), of bones/joints (inflammatory), or from an unknown source (idiopathic).