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Spine & Pain Management in Anderson, Easley, Greenville, Upstate SC

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How we treat:

Most people, at some time in their lives, suffer from serious back, neck, hip or leg pain. At SPC, we specialize in the evaluation and treatment of these painful conditions and provide successful treatment alternatives to surgery. We offer a broad range of services including rehabilitation programs and diagnostic and therapeutic procedures that help you alleviate your pain thus improving overall function and restoring quality of life. There are physical, psychological and social factors involved with managing chronic pain. To address all of these concerns, SPC has a comprehensive team of physicians, physical therapists, and psychologists and psychiatrists to take care of every aspect of pain syndromes. We offer patients a variety of interventional procedure options in an effort to avoid or reduce medication needs. Minimally invasive procedures are beneficial in two ways: First, interventions can be helpful in precisely identifying the source of the pain. Second, interventions can frequently provide long-term pain relief.


We specialize in non surgical procedures and treatments for sports, auto and work related injuries, arthritis, and accidents. If you are experiencing: Back Pain - Neck Pain - Hip Pain - Leg Pain or if you have a disorder affecting the bones, joints, muscles or nerves... It's time to call 864 373 PAIN (7246) or email us


Patients who deal with multiple pain sources over long periods of time may be improperly diagnosed, or their true pain source can be missed entirely. Also, some patients are prescribed treatment that doesn’t accurately address the problem.We specialize in these complex issues and have multiple treatment methods to more accurately diagnose chronic pain. We understand that our patients suffer with much more than the physical effects of pain. Personal relationships, work, and daily activities are all affected. Our physician and staff have many years of experience in caring for people struggling with chronic pain. If you haven’t found success in managing your chronic pain, please consider calling 864 373-PAIN.


W e are committed to help our patients manage their pain with a variety of medications and treatments. Our team focuses on management of all types of pain, studying what may cause it, how the body reacts to it, how different medications dull or eliminate the pain and what treatments can be used to relieve pain. If your pain persists after the healing process should be over, you might have what is called chronic pain. If the current treatment you are receiving stops working or your pain begins to get worse over time, your primary care doctors my suggest that you see a pain treatment specialist.